“Spotlight” is a Daring Divas event that combines the awesome networking opportunities of our popular Out to Lunch with Daring Entrepreneurs event, with a feature presentation by one of our INNER CIRCLE members.

Come one, come all - everyone is welcome!

Quick Details

When: Friday, May 19th, 10AM-11:30AM

Where: The Riverside (click here for directions & parking information)

Price: Free!

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10:00 - 10:15 ➢ Arrive/Open networking

10:15 - 10:45 ➢ Introductions (introduce yourself - bottom line who you are, who you help and how you help them in 30 seconds)

10:45 – 11:15 ➢ Spotlight presentation from our feature INNER CIRCLE member, Margo Gasta

11:15 - 11:30  ➢ Closing thank yous and goodbye hugs.

Spotlight Presentation

How to be a Resilient  & Emotionally -Balanced Woman

• Are you dealing with a divorce or major life change that is keeping you unbalanced? Fearful of where your life is going?

• Are you dealing with another change like a death in the family or a major medical challenge yourself?

• Do you deny changes in your life and try to act like they aren’t happening? Wanting to hold onto the security of right now being how things will be forever?

Let’s face it, these kinds of events can create major turmoil in our lives and they often come one on top of each other, especially at midlife.  While we can’t prevent them from happening, we can learn how to work internally to stay balanced and awake through the changes so we can grieve and grow.

During this presentation Donna with teach you how to:

1.  Work successfully with the inner struggle that major life changes can bring about – that feeling like part of you is stuck in fear, while part of you is ready to plunge forward and get relief.

2.  Find resilience after a major life change so you can continue to be the emotional leader of your life, family and business.

If you are facing a major life change and worried you may not have the tools to get through while staying healthy & balanced, then you won’t want to miss this presentation.

During this presentation, Donna will help you understand the Neuroscience of Change, and teach you 2 tools you can use right away to Transform Changes into Healthy Transitions and Resilience in your life.

Meet Donna:

Donna Roe Daniell, LCSW, RYT, of Balance Your Life Coaching & Psychotherapy, has been working with women in transition and change for over 25 years.

As a family therapist, yoga teacher, meditation teacher, Outdoorswoman, Certified IFS Therapist, Adventure Retreat Leader, transformational coach and mother, she has learned from her own transitions, her training, and through helping other women  how to move through change  to personal transformation –ie, how to grow into a stronger, more powerful and authentic woman.

She has developed a unique 5 Stage healing path and a powerful toolbox called “The Midlife Voyage to Transformation” which can be found on her website at www.women-in-transformation.com. Donna offers these tools in nature in the summer in retreats for women.  Her latest offering is this July 12-16 in Vail (Click here:  http://women-in-transformation.com/retreats/

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