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More of Magical YOU! w/ Vanessa Tavernetti

Daring Divas’ May Spotlight w/ Vanessa Tavernetti was all about Magic. Not the “Rabbit out of the Hat” magic, it was the magic within all of you, me and all of us. And the magic the Earth gifts us with daily! During “More of Magical YOU!” Vanessa shared her beautiful story, her expertise and her uncanny insights into how to use the Earth to achieve optimal health, get unshakably grounded and live in a state of flow.

Be Grounded, Focused, Connected and Fully Nourished!

I can’t go straight into the content of what Vanessa covered without acknowledging her vision of how she wanted to present and the beautiful setting in which we gathered. It set the “stage” or in our case the grass for the magic we witness at “More of Magical YOU!”

Visualize fresh green grass, wildflowers and the sound of rushing water with small pockets of whitewater playing in the sun’s reflecting rays. Yes! I told you it was magical. A picture perfect late May day in Boulder, Colorado. And lucky for you, you don’t have to work too hard to picture it all, you can check out our highlights below. Ok, on to the juicy details of what Vanessa covered.


How do we start connecting to the flow of life and Earth to live with ease and focus?

Breath before everything! And at least three…

Daily Grounding and Connecting Practice

  • Put your hands on your heart
  • Take 3 deep breaths,
  • On the third inhale, hold and focus on this statement: “The Essence of Me”
  • Exhale and be with this for a few seconds
  • Repeat (if it is available)

Basic, yes! Simple, absolutely! Powerful… Let’s dive in a little deeper.

See if you are reading this, chances are, you may not fit that little perfect societal mold we are often led to believe is a mandatory thing you have to belong to. Right? I think you hear me on this one… And Vanessa started out with this clear statement: “I do not fit into any box, I never have and I continue to co-create a comfortable life being who I am.”

Have you ever been told you are a little weird, or you are definitely not the norm, or what is wrong with you, or why do behave this/that way? And you and I know the list can go on. This how our “More of Magical YOU!” conversation started.

Today is the day we get clear on this!

There is absolutely nothing, not one thing that is wrong about, with or in you.All diagnoses and behavior traits you have or have had have been a magical way of getting you to be right where you are and be the magnificent being you are.  There are perhaps some areas in your life that need more support and nourishment so the best you, the most efficient you can shine forth. Whether it be your mind, your belly, your relationships, or your sense of belonging, everything is possible.” The ESSENCE of YOU is perfectly magical, it’s here because it was called to be, it’s here exactly as it is meant to be as unique as you!

So let’s repeat, breathe, connect and release! “The ESSENCE OF ME”


As you connect to your essence it will become easier to deeply connect with the vehicle that makes this trip you call life possible: YOUR BODY!

This is where we get into the importance of nourishment, and it’s not what you think. It has nothing to do with what “we” as a society consider a healthy diet, it has everything to do with you, your connection to your essence, your body and the earth.

We started the “More of Magical YOU!” event with a delicious mix of what Vanessa calls medicinal treats and teas that she handmade and mostly from ingredients she and her husband grow themselves. Why? Aside from her vision of keeping the Daring Divas nourished throughout her presentation and adding to the magic of it all, it was a deliberate show, taste, feel and tell.

Magical Medicinal Treats

Earth Magic Academy Medicinal Treats

They were a perfect combination of superfoods to help naturally cool the system on a warm afternoon,  boost energy, mood and focus to enhance the entire experience as well as aid in digestion to finish the afternoon light and refreshed.

We also each got the choice of a cup of tea, one was an uplifting mix of herbs for clarity, focus and digestion and the other was a calming blend for relaxing, soothing and settling nerves.

Magical Medicinal Teas

Earth Magic Academy Medicinal Teas

“When we take the time to be mindful of what our body really needs and provide that to our bodies we are deepening our relationship with ourselves.  We are saying our physical nourishment is a priority before our families, before our business, before our to-do list.”

How do you connect your “vehicle” to tell you exactly what it needs at any given time?


Yes, it takes practice and it takes connecting with your ESSENCE and your inner guidance, “your internal GPS”. Using the breath and connection practice and two practices we’ll cover next. Know that once you are used to these practices, there is no one better to tell you how to nourish you, than her… YOUR BODY

“How many of us ask our livers, why are you so angry?  What do you need? Or our brains, why are you so cloudy today? How can I better support you?  And then truly waiting and trusting the answer. “

Nourishment Practice #1

  • Place your hand on your liver (you can do this with every part of your body, but we’ll start with one of the most important keys to your health)
  • Once again take three deep breaths
  • And ask: How can I best support you right now? What do you most need to thrive today? What nourishment are you most desiring?
  • Listen, feel and respect the answers you get.
  • Place your hand on your heart and repeat.
  • Place your hands on your kidneys and repeat.

This practice will change the way you look at your nutrition and fuel. It will make it more fun, more real, more of what it was always meant to be: Nourishment for your body. When you truly honor and listen, you will naturally gravitate to the foods that are good and full of the nutrient-dense goodness your body needs to thrive.

Nourishment Practice #2

  • Talk and listen to your food
  • Give it gratitude and love for fueling and nourishing you
  • Connect and be with the process of nourishing your body well before you take that first bite or sip

“Today I am inviting you to place nourishing your body as a priority and not as a thought on the run.  I am asking you to start with one “got goodie” for your health and well being.  Start with one, be consistent, which is a practice of itself, and then try two and so forth.  Track it and see how it goes for you.”

“I also invite you to eat and snack with others.  Just like we love being together in this group, over time, we have forgotten the importance of connecting with food.  We can nourish our bodies and our minds and our hearts by connecting with others, even for 20 minutes.”


Sounds magical? Yes! And Vanessa saved her most powerful tool for last.

This practice will help you build your intuitive confidence like a rushing creek, unmovable boulder, strong tall tree, or lush grass (take your pick!!)

“Did you know Currently the average American spends 90% of their time indoors? That’s less time outside than the average American inmate, less than 1 hour a day!  An inmate gets 2 hours a day.”


In one teaspoon of soil, there are billions of beneficial microorganisms, which boost our immune system, improve cognitive function, and stimulate our brains to produce serotonin. By being in direct connection with the Earth, we increase our ability to focus, the quality and duration of focus, calm our nervous systems, and are able to manage aggression, outbursts, depression, and hyperactivity.

This practice is all about directly connecting with the power and magic that Earth has to gift us.

“When we connect with the Earth with our bare skin, we are stabilizing our own magnetic frequency with the Earth’s, balancing our built up positive charge with the Earth’s negative charge.”   This is call EARTHING

What this looks like is going to a place in nature, consistently like daily, if possible. And sitting, clearing, being, and listening.  It is important to approach the area or specific tree or bush as if they are your elders, because they are.”

Earthing Practice

  • Pick a place in nature (forest, tree, meadow, lake, park)
  • Go barefoot (if possible) so can have direct connection
  • Approach the natural element (tree, bush, rock, soil) as an elder
  • Communicate and ask permission to sit with them for few minutes
  • If you have a pressing question; ask
  • Wait for the response
  • Sit, clear, be, listen, breathe
  • Say thank you, express any other gratitude you have
  • Repeat daily

“I am inviting you to leave here dedicated to incorporate one of these practices in your daily life to help yourself be more focused, grounded, nourished, and connected. This commitment is a powerful tool.  This commitment has kept me alive.  This commitment is how I have managed to stay focused, grounded, nourished, and connected in very deep ways.  This commitment is helping to save children’s lives.”

Vanessa Tavernetti is deeply connected to and entrenched in these practices as they saved her life. She shared her story of survival and perseverance when six years ago doctors gave her no hope. After suffering through devastating illness, countless tests and hospital visits she finally got a diagnosis of a strange genetic condition that prohibits the liver from naturally metabolizing and detoxifying the body.

Over the past 20 years, she’s been able to share her ability to connect and tap into the Earth’s wisdom immediately.  This helps her and others feel grounded. From a young age, she has always been communicating with the natural world. And through the methods she ’s been practicing for over 20 years, I have been able to cure myself of multiple chronic ailments. Today she is healthy and has a beautiful life and business she shares with her loving husband and and intelligent, spirited daughter who loves to be herself.

I highly encourage you to learn more about Vanessa and Earth Magic Academy at www.earthmagicademy.com

But before you go….

Check out our highlights here:

May Spotlight w/ Vanessa Tavernetti

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And… Are you in the Boulder/Denver area?

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