“Spotlight” is a Daring Divas event that combines the awesome networking opportunities of our popular Out to Lunch with Daring Entrepreneurs event, with a feature presentation by one of our INNER CIRCLE members.

Come one, come all - everyone is welcome!

Quick Details

When: Tuesday, October 24th from 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Where: The Riverside (click here for directions)

Price: Free!

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1:00 - 1:15 ➢ Arrive/Open networking

1:15 - 1:45 ➢ Introductions (introduce yourself - bottom line who you are, who you help and how you help them in 30 seconds)

1:45 – 2:15 ➢ Spotlight presentation from our feature INNER CIRCLE member, Sharon Harvey Alexander

2:15 - 2:30  ➢ Closing thank yous and goodbye hugs.

Spotlight Presentation

Learning to Breathe, Learning to Live

Would you like to gleefully connect with “feel good energy”, joyfully cultivate your best self, and successfully navigate tumultuous times with grace? Learning to breathe WELL may help.

Join Daring Divas and certified Stress Management Educator, Yoga Therapist, and Breathing Coach Sharon Harvey Alexander for an inspiring and informative experiential conversation about breath.

Do you:
  •  Ever feel anxious or depressed about the state of the world today or wonder if your actions are making any difference?
  •   Struggle from bouts of overwhelm that make it difficult to focus and complete important tasks at work or at home?
  •   Experience restless nights battling insomnia?
  •   Tolerate chronic pain in your muscles, joints, or other areas?
  •   Suffer from elevated cortisol levels, stress, or adrenal fatigue?
  •   Have concerns about blood pressure, heart disease, digestive issues, or other chronic health complaints?
  •  Breathing with awareness has been scientifically proven to reduce, and in some cases alleviate the above conditions.
Please join us for an informative and experiential conversation about the power of breath, where you will:
  •  Uncover powerful stress management techniques that are always available and cost nothing to implement.
  •  Walk away feeling calm, centered, and even inspired to bring more of yourself into all you do.
  •  Learn effective ways to tap into your breath to elevate your connection to life force energy.

While paying attention to how you breathe may seem trivial or even unnecessary (after all, everyone breathes, even when we’re not thinking about it), learning to breathe correctly and with awareness can be used to minimize pain, focus the mind, and enhance your ability to accomplish any task. As a practice, breathing can lead you to the source of your true self.

Meet our Spotlight presenter, Sharon Harvey Alexander:

As a professional yoga therapist, breathing coach, and holistic stress management educator with a private practice in Boulder, CO, Sharon Harvey Alexander guides busy, talented, anxious, and overwhelmed women home to the source of calm, and possibility, that exists within them. Supporting her clients as they tap into, uncover, or reclaim radiant good health in body, mind, and spirit, brings her much joy.

She has found that learning to breathe is foundational to their success. Thus, Sharon recently published the book Learning to Breathe, Learning to Live. Simple Tools to Relieve Stress and Invigorate Your Life. She will speak from it during her presentation with the Daring Divas.


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