What an honor to spend time teaching and sharing with the Daring Divas community last week on how to build a compelling profitable brand. Thank you to all the Daring Divas who showed up at our Table Top Training with the willingness to learn and to be seen. I hope it was the catalyst to start building your brand so you can feel confident showing up in your business in a bigger way!

During last week’s tabletop training I really dug deep into the importance of building your personal brand with a clear and aligned message.

Here are some of the topics we covered:

  •  The #1 personal branding mistake that keeps solopreneurs like you broke, stressed and discouraged.
  •  The 3 KEY places where your personal brand must be aligned if you want to attract a lot of clients and followers to your inspirational message.
  • How to design your brand by getting clear on your voice and your visuals.
  • A unique and fun way to find out how you are perceived by others and if their perception aligns with the compelling and profitable brand you want to build.
  • What are the top personal branding investments you can make that will get you the biggest return in the fastest possible time (PLUS the worst places to invest so you don’t waste your time and money).


Here are a few of the praises our Daring Divas shared after the event:

“The brand experience game was priceless! Jessie May always delivers tons of value.”

“Loved learning about how to start thinking about my personal brand and the correct way to approach it.”

“Jessie May…kudos! That exercise was so much fun and so super valuable to see how others perceive me!”


How to Quickly Shift from Struggling Solopreneur to Compelling Profitable Brand

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