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You Had Me At Hello: How to Build A Tribe that Wants to Invest in You!

You had me at hello…

Let’s face it, online numbers are full of hype …

Your confidence might be shot in a day because your list is too small, you don’t have enough social media followers, or you don’t receive the number of comments and likes you hoped for on a post. I get it; there have been times when I felt that way too. Until I build my tribe, my efforts seemed to be going nowhere.

Numbers mean nothing if they don’t convert into sales!

The thing is, numbers might look shiny on the outside but they mean NOTHING if they don’t convert into sales.
Take it from me: all in all, I have a very small tribe compared to others at my level in my industry. But within my small tribe, my connections go deep, which make it possible for me to generate consistent 5-figure paydays.

Imagine being handed $15,000 from one client, in one day, for four months of your time, because she sees your value and is eager to work with you?! Then have the same success the following month and the month after… This is possible when you focus on quality over quantity and a few key tribe-building skills, this is the topic I covered in my last training.

Game changer!

Before I dive in a little deeper into all the juicy tips I taught at Daring Divas, I have to share one huge game changer I have truly surrendered to in the last few months; VULNERABILITY! This past week I shared with my tribe a personal story I have never shared in public before. Though I’ve always been authentic and real, it has taken me a long time to realize, I was not putting enough of myself out there. And it had been a gnawing at me, there was something missing, yes I have a successful coaching business, and yes I have an amazing community of women,  that I’ve grown to over 2400. Yet, there just was a missing piece. The missing piece was more of me! And if you haven’t come to this conclusion yet, my friend, there needs to be more of you too! Aside from the very personal story, I shared for the first time, I have been opening up and sharing more of myself with my community, my list, and my social media family. Why? Because it is a key piece of succeeding in today’s marketplace because it feels good because it makes sense and most of all because I am the face, heart, and soul of my business. This was one of my topics in my last training. Now, let’s dive into the rest.

My last training at Daring Divas was all about building your tribe and doing it right from the get-go!

Top 3 Key Elements to Attract a Truly Aligned Tribe.

  1. Know exactly who you want to attract. Ask yourself questions about your ideal tribe member; how she feels, what she desires, what she likes to do, what her struggles are, her personality traits, etc.
  2. Understand that what is happening with you will determine who you attract. If you are carrying around beliefs and qualities that are not qualities you want to represent and/or attract, you will attract members who may be carrying around these qualities. So… yes, “Check Yourself” sister. Be who you want to be, clear blocks and insecurities, hire a coach, join a mastermind, meditate, do what you must, so you can attract the ideal tribe members.
  3. Be clear about your brand and message. If you know me, you have definitely heard this before. Having clarity about your brand, your values, your message will help you convey exactly what you offer in a way that is unique to you and this will assure you attract the right people into your tribe.

3 Things That Make Your Tribe Members Decide to Invest in Someone Else

  1. Not getting vulnerable! This was a major theme during this training. You need to be sharing the things that you are scared to share, the things you think people will judge you for. Just step up! Share, be you! I promise this will get you, clients. People want to work with the ones they can connect and relate to.
  2. Having the same conversation you were having three years ago! You have to be on the cutting edge of the conversation in your industry and your brand. Things are moving fast and you have to uplevel to cut through the insane overload of messages and information. Lead your tribe by being cutting edge, use new ways to communicate with your own message in a different way that will awake your members “a-has”.
  3. Being unclear about the value you deliver! As soon as the mind is unclear, the answer will always be no. Transition your conversations to them! The value you provide is the solution to their problem, what is the difference you make in your tribe members life. Meet them where they are motivated - this is their problem, their pain and this is why they will invest in you.

The #1 Thing you must have in place if you want your tribe members to say yes to investing in high-value services.

This is your Signature Program!

Your clients want to invest in a step by step process that you have figured out. They want a process that delivers the result that will provide a solution to their problem. Having a program to offer makes it clear to your clients what it looks like to work with you. Clarity produces yeses! Your program makes it a one of a kind experience. It is yours, it is unique, it is your expertise. It makes you more credible, you have the solution, you are the answer. To attract premium high-end clients you need a signature program.

Top Tribe Building Tasks You Need to Spend Your Time On

  1. Find your community, make connections, be part of tribes you feel aligned with.
  2. Build and nurture your hub, this is the community your tribe hangs out in. Build your relationships.
  3. High touch marketing, don’t hide and drown in the over-saturated and noisy online world. Be bold and pick up the phone, be old-fashioned and take the time to write a note. Show up fully, get vulnerable, be genuine and show you truly care about each and every one of the connections you are making.

In addition to these main points, I’ll mention that there are things you can cut out and are time and money wasters when building a tribe. These are things like, creating flyers, spending too much time or money on a complicated website and anything that will get your “perfectionism” stop you on your tracks. In conclusion, get out there! Find your tribe, build and nourish relationships, be clear on your message and value so you can share it. You are here to make an impact, help your tribe and reap success while doing so.

Want to know more about tribe building? Connect with me! 

Are you in the Boulder / Denver area? Start making connections today!

Check out the highlights of the event below! We really do have a ton of fun at Daring Divas! 

You Had Me At Hello: How to Build a Tribe That Wants to Invest in You!

You Had Me at Hello!

You Had Me at Hello!

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