“Spotlight” is a Daring Divas event that combines the awesome networking opportunities of our popular Out to Lunch with Daring Entrepreneurs event, with a feature presentation by one of our INNER CIRCLE members.

Come one, come all - everyone is welcome!

Quick Details

When: Tuesday, September 19th from 10AM - 11:30AM

Where: The Riverside (click here for directions & parking information)

Price: Free!

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10:00 - 10:15 ➢ Arrive/Open networking

10:15 - 10:45 ➢ Introductions (introduce yourself - bottom line who you are, who you help and how you help them in 30 seconds)

10:45 – 11:15 ➢ Spotlight presentation from our feature INNER CIRCLE member, Janet Ward.

11:15 - 11:30  ➢ Closing thank yous and goodbye hugs.

Spotlight Presentation

The Hidden Challenges Next Door

What do you think of when you think of community?

Do you find yourself loving the idea of community, but are so busy running from here to there, overwhelmed with the details of your work, your family, and your life, that you don’t have time to worry about what struggles the family next door might be having?

You know there are things that need to be improved, people who are suffering, ways you could have a bigger impact, but you tell yourself “There’s not much I can do. I’m so busy already. They’re living their life and I’m living mine.”

So you put on your blinders and go on about your day in your own bubble of busy-ness. Perhaps you think “Someone else will figure it out.”

Or maybe you do reach out and connect, offer support, lend a hand to someone in need, but you fear your small act won’t make much of a difference.

Join Janet Ward, Daring Divas guest speaker, parent of a special needs child, and passionate coach & community-builder for an informative and inspiring presentation about what it means to be a human being living in community.

Drawing deeply from her expertise with special needs families, Janet will share with you: 

•  The surprising and hidden reality inside families of special needs children

•  The valuable role you play in the human ecosystem that you might not even be aware of

•  How you can empower yourself to uplift others by just being you — and in the process uplift yourself too

•  How small actions can transform not only yourself and your family, but the people around you

Come to this presentation prepared to be informed and inspired. Together we’ll remember how we ourselves can thrive while helping others to do the same.

Meet our Spotlight presenter, Janet Ward:

Janet Ward is a writer, teacher, and life coach who is passionate about uplifting families of special needs children.

Janet’s hard-won expertise comes from more than 20 years of immersion into the world of special needs with her own children, including an adopted daughter.

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