Wild Turtle Healing

Shelby Robbins

Do you want to wake up every day thrilled to be living a full, vibrant life?

Hi, my name is Shelby Robbins, and I am elated to be an intuitive coach and energy worker.

Through my private coaching program, I guide my clients into an expressive space where they are free to share their full alive selves. I’m not here to “fix” you – I’m here to hold the space for you to radically accept who you are.

When we work (and play) together, you’ll learn to feel the aliveness of your life. What activates you? What are your super powers? I welcome you to a space where you are free to claim your soul’s yearnings, largeness, vibrancy, sensuality, power, and beauty. Sessions incorporate a non-pushy form of intuitive coaching, energy medicine techniques, guidance into your own wisdom, and re-wiring tools for you to use in every day settings. After our sessions you’ll claim your larger, more alive self and uncover the spark that lights your life.

If you are committed to truly living your authentic, brilliant life, I would be honored to be your guide.

Special Offer to Daring Divas Members

For all Daring Divas Members, I offer 50% off of your initial session!

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