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Chrysta Bairre

What would you do with $10,000?

Would you take your dream vacation? Pay off bills? Put a down payment on a house?

I worked with a client who was barely making a living for her and her family. She thought she needed to go back to school for another degree to increase her salary to a livable wage. After 3 coaching sessions she scheduled a meeting with her boss and negotiated a $10,000 raise.

I’ll never forget what she said when I asked her how it went. “I should have set my sights higher. It was too easy!”

I’m Chrysta Bairre and I’m a Career Coach, Speaker, and Author. I grew up in poverty and struggled to create a successful career when the traditional path to success was closed to me. I achieved my goal and enjoyed a prosperous career, after which I created a growing, thriving business. To achieve this, I had to believe in myself, even when no one else believed in me. I believe in you, too. I believe we all can do work we love, be well-paid, and have happiness in and out of the office.

I work with passionate and purposeful career professionals and service-based entrepreneurs who are unfulfilled, underpaid, or unhappy at work. I help them embrace and communicate their value, improve their work-life balance, and get paid so they can love their work and their life!

You’re already worth at least $10,000 than you’re making- are you ready to start earning what you’re worth?

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