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In Avanti Health with Dr. Karen Hufnagl - Daring Divas Directory

In Avanti Health with Dr. Karen Hufnagl

Karen Hufnagl

Do you struggle with stubborn weight, fatigue or hormone imbalances?

Are you looking for a proven method with lasting results so that you feel energized, lean, productive, and able to live your life with spectacular vitality?

I’m Dr. Karen and my quest is to guide women to find freedom from hormone imbalances, weight gain, and fatigue. Rooted in Functional Medicine, my Happy, Healthy and Harmonized Program is specially designed for women who want to leave their symptoms behind and find a NEW normal.

Imagine what it would be like to:

• Feel good on a daily basis
• Experience lasting weight loss
• Have the energy you want
• Live life on your terms, not controlled by hormones!

When you partner with me, this is exactly what we will do. Illuminate your path forward with my unwavering commitment and support to find the solutions you need to feel your best – each and every day!

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I have struggled with debilitating PMS and menstrual symptoms for the past 18 years: extreme breast pain, fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, emotional swings and crippling menstrual cramps.  I was also battling with my weight – I was working out really hard and not getting lean.  Instead, I was gradually gaining more and more weight.

These symptoms threw my life off track for 2-3 weeks out of every month. To the point where I had to schedule my work around my period and cancel important events because I knew I would be in too much pain.

When I started working with Dr. Karen, I was near my breaking point and ready to give up and give in to this monthly torture. I had tried everything I could think of to get relief over the years…

I had worked with acupuncturists, naturopaths, nutritionists, homeopaths, physical therapists, even psychics. I had tried every kind of “alternative” healing method out there.  And at one point, out of desperation, I even resorted to birth control, which was a terrible experience.

Although I experienced temporary relief from some of the things I tried, my body always found its way back to feeling miserable every month.

But working with Dr. Karen was different. She stuck by my side longer than anyone else ever had, to figure out what was at the root of my issues. Once she discovered those underlying causes – including a much less common one that no one had figured out before – she created a plan for me to recover, I started to feel better. And the best part? Icontinue to feel better over a year after I started working with her!

Specifically… the monthly breast pain is 100% gone, anxiety and emotional swings are a thing of the past, I can think clearly and have energy right up to my period, I’ve been able to completely stop the Ibuprofen binges during my period, I no longer have to schedule my life around my cycle, and I’m seeing my body fat go down and lean muscle go up!

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