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Cynthia Stadd

Cynthia Stadd has developed the “Eat Empowered” movement to help women get out of food jail forever! Cynthia’s programs and services are designed to help you end your struggles with your diet, weight, healthy and body forever.

Work with Cynthia to:

— End the frustration of knowing what to eat (to be thin and healthy) but you’re not consistently doing it
— Permanently drop the weight you’ve been struggling with for years
— Create a new, loving relationship with food … and yourself
— End troubling eating behaviors like overeating, binge eating and emotional eating

Cynthia is a pioneering private practitioner and speaker in the fields of Eating Psychology, Holistic Nutrition, Women’s Empowerment and Spiritual Development.

Work with Cynthia one-to-one:
Take advantage of the End Your Food War Online Course:

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  • Stop fighting with your food + body on a weekly basis
  • End emotional eating, overeating, stress eating, boredom eating and binge eating
  • Replace the idea of “I’ll start my diet on Monday” with “This is easy, AND I’m losing weight”

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