Earth Magic Academy, LLC


Are you a parent, or know of a parent ,who is at their whits end with their child with ADHD?

Is your child overly sensitive to many things in their daily life?

Does your child struggle unnecessarily at school, with friends, and have outbursts at home that continue to create chaos within the family?

My name is Vanessa Tavernetti, and my husband and I created Earth Magic Academy to assist preteens and teens with ADHD and other sensitivities to be grounded, focused, and confident in their ability to reach goals they set.

Earth Magic Academy is the culmination of modern and ancient practices that have positively affected hundreds of children through our decades of working with young people.  Utilizing a proven, magical, multi-disciplinary approach, young people are able to tap into their unique gifts, and channel them in powerful and effective ways.  In realizing their potential, children are able to live more stable, confident, and connected lives, while parents are able to be confident in their child’s future.

Earth Magic Academy offers fun, healing enrichment programs that are not your average experience.  Dedicated to children who fit outside the box, Earth Magic Academy graduates carry valuable skills that continue to be a guiding force throughout their lives.

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