Coach Jessie May

Jessie May

Are you a service-based solopreneur?

Do you want to build a thriving business that inspires potential client shout “YES!” to working with you?

My name is Jessie May and I’m on a mission to transform boring, confusing and forgettable businesses into authentic, memorable and clear signature brands.

Through my “Daring Entrepreneur” private coaching program, I guide clients from across the globe to identify and express their unique quirks, powerful opinions, core values and personal style through signature brands that they absolutely fall in love with.

Once their brands are built, I help my clients boom their businesses with smart marketing strategies and business systems so they can start making an impact and earning money doing what they love.

If you’re 150% committed to building your business, and have the time to dedicate to making it successful, then I would love to be your guide to doing it right the first time.

Special Offer to Daring Divas Members

$20 savings on my Power Profile System – an in-depth brand personality typing system designed to give you insight into your authentic brand personality, colors, voice, emotional impact and more. Find out more about my Power Profile System and use code DARINGDIVAS at checkout to receive your savings.

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