Charteris Art Tours

Frances Charteris

Would you like to immerse yourself in Paris or Madrid for 10 days? Do you want to rediscover yourself via art and travel?

I am Frances Charteris, Owner and Founder of CHARTERIS ART TOURS, empowering intimate tours that offer escape from the mundane routine of paying bills, politics and other boring demands. I lead art tours for women in Europe: a transformational experience that nourishes you by reaffirming your dreams and deepest desires.

Mornings consist of visits to major museums and cultural sites like Louvre, Orsay, and Beaubourg. Afternoons are personalized—customized to meet desires of each individual. You can draw, paint, photograph, shop, people watch, sit in cafes, visit spas, take cooking or dance classes—whatever meets your fancy.

I am an artist, educator and psychotherapist, committed to supporting women as they rediscover themselves via art and travel.

If you are looking to self-actualize, just come! You will come home restored and joyful.

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