Women In Transformation: A division of Balance Your Life Coaching

Donna Daniell

Are you a woman between the ages of 40 – 75 going through a major transition in your life?

Are you feeling fearful, unbalanced, lost and confused about your next steps in your life right now?

I have been where you are and I am here to help you.   My name is Donna Roe Daniell and I am a woman just like you who has moved through many transitions in my life like 2 divorces, empty-nesting, loss of my favorite sister,  loss of both of my parents,  and now I’m facing retirement head-on and the sixties transition.

Life just keep rolling on and the only way we can stay resilient and creative is to learn how to face these changes in our lives and not run away from them.  You see, these changes are actually opportunities to grow ourselves and that is what my coaching program is all about.

I offer a powerful toolbox that  I have put together over many years of struggling through my own transitions.  As a psychotherapist, I listened to many women telling their stories and helping them find their tools, and all of this experience has helped me create this toolbox.  This toolbox will help you learn to ride these waves of change and let go of the painful emotional burdens at the same time that you are finding the essence of who you are underneath it all.

Are you ready to jump into this amazing transformational voyage?

Special Offer to Daring Divas Members

I offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation. I will hear your story and introduce you to this amazing toolbox and then you will see the path before you.

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