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Does fear keep you from doing what you want?

Are you afraid to take the risks necessary to live the life you dream of?

Are you crippled with procrastination?

Are you paralyzed by indecisiveness?

Do intrusive memories and flashbacks drain your energy?

The Amáte Institute features the Amáte Growth Work Method: a path to reaching emotional maturity in adulthood.

I’m Dr. Eva A. Malanowski and I welcome you to the Amate Institute! 

Emotional maturity is the inner emotional condition of sufficient love and security necessary to successfully take emotional growth-producing risks throught life.

Emotional immaturity is the inner condition of excessive fear that prematurely halts the process of successfully taking emotional growth risks thought life.

The Amáte Growth Work Method is a highly respected, rapid, affordable, intensive, spiritually based healing and growth process for adolescents and adults who, for any reason, became emotionally stuck in childhood or adolescence, and the stoppage is adversely affecting the current life, and limiting the potential for achieving emotional maturity and living in peace.

The Amáte Institute also offers innovative family and relationship interventions for those who have undergone Amáte Growth Work. We also offer Spiritual Coaching for those who wish to gain a further understanding about the meaning and purpose of life.

Special Offer to Daring Divas Members

As a special offer to all Daring Divas you will receive a free consultation and a coaching session at 97.00, a $200.00 value!

You will also receive $200.00 the full Amate Growth Work Program.

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