About Faces Inc

Diana M. Graham

You are a woman.  An entrepreneur.  It is your destiny to lead, especially at this time and place. People only follow self confident, attractive and well spoken leaders.

Darlin’ you may be as confident and well spoken as the greatest leaders in the Universe… But if you look dull as dishwater without makeup, you’ve rubbed off one eyebrow, have acne, lipstick on your teeth and your mascara is staining your cheeks, no one is going to take you seriously!

At About Faces Inc. this nightmare will never happen.  Ms. Diana Graham is here to make you look flawless no matter the time of day or night, in sickness and in health.  And without endless expense or time consuming beauty rituals.

Perfect makeup and healthy skin is not about being something you’re not…it’s about you being your own best advertising.

Permanent Cosmetic Makeup means looking fabulous 24/7.  Glowing skin shows good health.  Together, with your brilliance, it guarantees success.



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