Create Your Most Vibrant Life w/ Stephanie Schoolmeester

Daring Divas’ April Spotlight w/ Stephanie Schoolmeester was all about vibrancy! During “Create Your Most Vibrant Life” Stephanie shared all her best tips and practices to triple your energy, create a deep connection with your body and live the full vibrant life you deserve.

Regain your passion, reduce stress and live a full, purposeful vibrant life.

What does it take to create your most vibrant life? Simple, it all starts with you! Yes, it sounds way too easy, and it can be. But first, you have to put the right tools in place to connect with the one thing that holds the answers; your body!

You know you deserve to live fully present, have vibrant health and share your powerful work with the world. Instead, you may be held back by a list of circumstances that keep you stuck or running in circles. This stops now!

It’s your time to shine and be fully alive!

First, let me touch on the circumstances that may be holding you back, by no means we are demeaning them or making them small. Whether you are having health-related issues, past trauma from your childhood, loss of a loved one, failed business, or financial hardship, these are all very real and likely very painful. They also become great teachers and potentially beacons to your true purpose.

“The deeper your wounds, the greater your gifts” – Donny Epstein

Stephanie Schoolmeester herself is a prime example of overcoming impactful circumstances, painful loss and a work addiction that all culminated with a total body breakdown that sent her to the hospital. She shared her inspiring and moving story during the event, and I encourage you to connect with her to learn more about her transformation. For now, we’ll move on to the juicy nuggets we can implement immediately to reconnect, reduce stress and nourish our body mind and souls.

I. Connect with Daily Body Scan

A super simple three-step breath practice you can do from your bed when you first wake up. This is stage one of the 12 Stages of Healing.

Step 1

  • Place both hands on your heart, take three deep breaths, sense how you feel and what comes up.
  • Place both hands on your solar plexus (under your ribcage), take three deep breaths, sense how you feel and what comes up.
  • Place both hands on your belly button, take three deep breaths, sense how you feel and what comes up.

Step 2

  • With both hands, go back to the place you felt least connected to, felt off or gave you a sensation of stress/anxiety, take a few breaths.
  • With both hands, go back to the place you felt most connected to, felt good and gave you a sensation of ease, take a few breaths. (We are going to take strength and love of this area)

Step 3

  • Now return to the place you felt least connected to, felt off or gave you a sensation of stress/anxiety, take a few breaths while feeding it strength and love from your most connected sweet spot.
  • Take a few moments to listen to the body, what comes up and just be with it.
II. Gratitude With Heart-titude

By far the quickest way to reduce stress, tap into your emotional intelligence, help deal with anxiety and put yourself in a more joyful state is through gratitude. But when you combine the power of your heart with a gratitude practice; magic happens!

  • Think and/or write down, 3-5 things you are grateful for.
  • Put both hands over heart, take 3-5 breaths and direct them to your heart.
  • Open your heart with that connection
  • Go back to the 3-5 things you are grateful for; feel them, see them, breathe them…
  • Take a moment to be with how this feels
III. High Vibe States

Take a few minutes every day to put yourself in a high vibrational state. Here are three simple ways to do so:

  1. Move your body with breath, this can be as easy as lifting your arms over your head with an inhale and bringing in towards your body as you deeply exhale.
  2. Mantra with Power Pose, have a daily mantra that includes your goals as if they are already a reality. Recite this mantra while doing a pose that symbolizes power and strength for you.
  3. Bonus: Do 1 and 2 to a fun, uplifting and inspiring playlist of your choice.
IV. Nourish Your Body From the Inside

When you take a road trip, do you fill your gas tank, put air on your tires, put a good quality oil on your engine? The reality is that life is one big road trip, and this body that carries you from place to place, allows you to work, be a sister, mother, daughter, wife, teacher, coach, care-taker, entrepreneur, and all the things that make you the Wonder Woman you are; it needs nourishment. And we only have this body, this vessel during this lifetime, why not treat it the best possible way? Here are Stephanie’s three favorites:

  1. Fuel your body with high-quality organic food
  2. Incorporate superfoods into your nutrition
  3. Do a quarterly cleanse to ensure you can absorb 1&2.

Wow, Stephanie shared so much is hard to summarize, and I can tell you every Daring Diva who attended left inspired, connected, relaxed and with a wealth of practices to create their most vibrant lives. I highly encourage you to learn more about Stephanie’s work at

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April Spotlight w/ Stephanie Schoolmeester

Yes! We are Vibrant Daring Divas!

Yes! We are Vibrant Daring Divas!

Beautiful Moments

Beautiful Moments


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