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About the Founder, Coach Jessie May - Daring Divas Directory

Welcome Daring Business Owner!

I’m Jessie May - founder of the Daring Divas Directory, as well as the popular Daring Divas Meetup group in Boulder, CO.

My passion is helping women entrepreneurs build powerful connections, increase their visibility, and spread their message.

I’ve been an entrepreneur in Boulder, CO for the past eight years and I understand how easy it can be to feel lost in the sea of coaches, healers and other service-based women entrepreneurs who are popping up by the thousands everyday.

Before you know it, you either feel so discouraged that you’re tempted to give up, or you find yourself becoming competitive, which doesn’t feel good to your soul.

As the founder of Daring Divas AND as a business and branding coach working with private clients internationally, I’m here to offer you a new perspective…

There is space for each of us to be successful and the only thing you will achieve through competition is failure.

Through Daring Divas, I’m on a mission to bring women entrepreneurs together into a supportive, inspiring and, most importantly, collaborative community. We’ve been living out this mission through the Daring Divas Meetup group in Boulder, CO since 2011, and now, the Daring Divas Directory will bring the support, inspiration and collaboration online.

Through my branding and business coaching, I’m driven to help women entrepreneurs discover and unleash their unique quirks, powerful opinions, and core values through clear and strategic signature brands.

I’m passionate about helping solopreneurs build their brands because once your business reflects your essence, your brand will go from boring and forgettable to shining so bright that your ideal clients will be able to find you from miles away!

When this happens, it’s a win-win for everyone: more people are positively impacted through your work and YOU get to feel the satisfaction that comes from being SUCCESSFUL doing work you love!

To learn more about how I can help you boom your brand and build your business, visit me at www.coachjessiemay.com

Ready to boom your brand and build your business?

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