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About the Business Directory - Daring Divas Directory

Welcome Female Entrepreneurs in the Denver – Boulder, Colorado area!

Do you want to…
  • Generate more visibility for your brand so your ideal clients can find you?
  • Connect with another Daring Divas member, or Spotlight speaker who you met at an event?
  • Find and support a local, woman-owned business that offers a service you need?

If so, then you’ve landed in the right place!

What is the Daring Divas Business Directory?

The Daring Divas Business Directory is an online business directory for women entrepreneurs in Colorado.

The purpose of this web directory is two fold:

1ButtonTo create a place where mission-driven female entrepreneurs can get found and impact more lives doing the work they love.

2ButtonTo provide a valuable resource for people in the Denver-Boulder, CO area who are looking for services provided by local women in business.

Search our directory listings for women owned businesses in the Denver - Boulder, CO area and find successful women entrepreneurs providing the unique services you need today.

Become a Daring Divas Directory Member today!

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If you’re a female entrepreneur and want your very own business listing in our local web directory, you can get set up here.

How did the Daring Divas Directory come about?

The idea to create this web directory was born from a need that I saw within the Daring Divas Meetup group—a professional networking group for women entrepreneurs in Boulder, CO.

I started the Daring Divas Meetup group in 2011 because I wanted to create an uplifting community where women entrepreneurs could build supportive, real, and fun relationships with other like-minded women in business.

Today, the Daring Divas Meetup group has grown to 2,000+ awe-inspiring female entrepreneurs and we host multiple events per month in beautiful Boulder, CO. Events include monthly luncheons, spotlight speakers, tabletop trainings and mastermind meetings.

As Daring Divas grew bigger and bigger I started to receive emails from our members…

“Jessie May, I’m looking for a social media marketing consultant to help me with my online marketing, is there anyone in the group who can help me?”


“Jessie May, can you remind me the name of the chiropractor who attended lunch last week? I’d like to work with her but I can’t remember her name…”


“Jessie May, is there a place where I can go to find the services I need within the Daring Divas Meetup group? I want to support the women in this group with my business, but I don’t know how to find them.”

And that’s how the idea for the Daring Divas Business Directory was born—from our members!

Today, you don’t have to be a member of the Daring Divas Meetup group to be listed in the Daring Divas Business Directory. This directory is created for any female entrepreneur in the Denver-Boulder, CO area who wants increased visibility for her business.

That being said, I can’t think of a good reason why you wouldn’t want to join our women’s Meetup group. It’s free to join and our members are some of the most inspiring and successful women business owners in all of Colorado!

We would love to welcome you with open arms!


Get listed in the Daring Divas Directory!